08 December 2017

When you want to feel happy when you are feeling sad

Sometimes we feel sad and don't know how to getting that happy feeling again, particularly in winter (and around the holiday's it can feel worse). This exercise gets you thinking happy and locking it in for use throughout the day. Don't worry - be happy : ).

02 December 2017

26 November 2017

MG Hypnosis Exercise and Ageing - so important

Highlighting the importance of exercise in ageing by referencing Deepak Chopra’s, Ageless Body. Timeless Mind. Good reference for the people who lack motivation to exercise, the elderly, just retired, and people with depression.

21 November 2017

MG Hypnosis Hypnotherapy for exercise video 2

More tips to keep you motivated to exercise and just to get started on
days you don't feel like it.  These
are fun, mind games - to keep you going when its time to "get out
there" but you would rather stay in bed.

Don't forget that exercise gives you energy and lifts your spirits - so
just start for 5 mins - and momentum will take over.  I hope you enjoy them.
Please let me know if you want more ideas or share your own.

20 November 2017

Think yourself young

STAYING YOUNG in the mind does influence your physical body. I am reading Deepak Chopra's book "Ageless Body. Timeless Mind", that was released 10 years ago (got it out of the library) and the findings still hold true today. In fact, we are learning more and more about this remarkable power each of us possesses when it comes to our own well being and ageing. 
There are some outside factors like exercise, food, and enjoying your work, BUT your thoughts about your exercise, food and work also add to how you grow old. So many old sayings apply, but my favourite is from Norman Cousin's in particular, - Belief creates biology, i.e. you are only as old as you think you are. So a great way to start is learning how to stay young is learning how to think "young". Read the book to learn the exercises and "secrets" on how to help yourself stay fit and well for longer and better quality of life.... 
Hypnotherapy is great for self-talk as it really targets the unconscious mind into believing how you want to feel.  We know from several studies how powerful the mind is in healing the body from illness - and if you think about it, many people see growing old as an illness.  It doesn't have to be that way.  
I am going to order it for my mom as a Christmas present. She is young in mind and body, and this will encourage her to stay that way for the rest of her years. Christmas present that literally will be used year after year, after year.